About Us

Our company is owned and operated by two Americans with over 25 years experience in the region.

Col (ret) Harry Schute was a former Commander during the last Gulf war and currently serves as a senior advisor to the Kurdistan Regional Government on security issues. He is also Vice President of a large Security firm and the Vice President of the American Kurdistan Friendship Association.

Dr. Douglas Layton has worked with the Kurds since 1991 and was the originator of the highly successful OTHER IRAQ PR Campaign aired on CNN, CBS, FOX News, BBC and numerous other media outlets around the world. In the early 90s, Dr. Layton worked with the Kurdish leaders in Washington DC and testified before the US Senate on Saddam’s Genocide against the Kurds. He also prepared the documentary film used in those hearings.

Our company works closely with the Directorate of Tourism in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and presently is the only locally based company that specializes in luxury and custom tours to Kurdistan.

Our two American partners work hand in hand with experienced local staff to coordinate all tours. We are here to make your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible and are well known internationally for attention to details.

Relax and let us handle your journey to one of the most fascinating lands in the world.